The Pot Holder Rag Rug Community Weave Project with Crispina Ffrench.

Community...learning together, laughing together and sharing life experiences that enrich us all. 

We've been weaving a better world for over a decade...and now we have a potholder rug.


This past fall, neighbors, friends, and total strangers spent time connecting and physically weaving an amazing rug — from discarded clothing, including sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even socks that were headed to the recycling center.

With the assistance of fabulous volunteer Eileen Prime, we wove a rug of t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other discarded stretchy clothing and now have a gorgeous 5×7, 2″ thick rug to be raffled off. The proceeds are earmarked for bringing more community art projects to Searsport in 2019. 


Tickets are $10 each and we will stop the sales at 100 tickets.  The rug weighs about 35 lbs. so we’ll work with the winner to figure out how to best get it to its new home.  Where would you put this colorful creation?  It’s rugged and warm…perfect for a bedroom, reading nook, studio space, or treehouse!  ​ Buy now through pay pal!​​​​​

The Instructor

Crispina ffrench is a rock star.  I’ve known it for years after my SIL gave me one of her aardvarks crafted from a recycled sweater. Fast forward to 2017, our paths finally crossed at Rhinebeck and Crispina graciously accepted an invitation to teach a sweater chop workshop and a potholder rug class at FC 2018.


At Fiber College, our mission has always been focused on education and community (that’s why our evening events are such an important part of the experience and why Kendra Newcombe’s heroic meals and cocktail parties are so treasured).  The intersection between Crispina’s and our aspirations are so perfect that we were giddy when she agreed to augment her class schedule and organize a community rug weaving project for Makers Market on Friday and all day on Saturday.

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