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September 3-7, 2014
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216 West Main Street, Searsport, Maine  207.548.6059
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"A very ambitious project you have undertaken and achieved. Since this was my first year, it was all new to me!…The little animal pens and the animals were a surprise and fun to visit. No matter the number of knitters, each had an established identity and different approach. I toured the garden and inspected the various cement “shrooms, outdoor structures, ongoing classes."

Gee's Bend Quilters
are coming to Searsport, Maine

The FC Community

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"I was a newbie to Fiber College this year.  I took Maryjane Mucklestone’s Fair Isle sock knitting class.  I had not knit in years and embarrassed myself only a few times… by needing to be reminded how to purl no less!!! ........"

Isobel Abelson

Beth Acker

Rudy Amman

Eric Anderson

Jennifer Appleby 

Bonnie Backe

Susan Barrett-Merrill   
Kirannada Benjamin 

Deborah Bergman

Beth Berman

Kris Bridges

Dolores Brobererg

Beth Brown-Reinsel

Gloria K  Buntrock

Jennifer Carson

Jacquie Chalmers

Sharon Chandler

Hatie Clingerman          

Katharine Cobey

Janet Conner

Jeannette Cook


Kelly Corbett

Tom Cote

James Crampton

Michelle DeLucia

Susan Dewey

Deborah Diemer

Janet Doyle

Beryl Dulson

Judith Durant

Ma ry Lou Eagen

Linda Earls

Mary Ann Earls                    

Elaine Eckesine

Marty Elkin 

Laurie Farrell                  

Jackie Fee

Amy Felske                    

Sharon Fischer

Susannah Fisher                  

Gayle Fitzpatrick

Dina-Lee A. Ford

Dawn K Forde                  

Jan Friend

Faith Garrold  

Liane Giambalvo

Liz Grove

Mary Ann Hall

Susan Hall

Trish Harriman

Davis Harriman

Sarah Haskell

Betty Hauger

Margaret Heathman

Amy Herzog

Diane Hoppe

Annette Houston

Katie Jarius


Richard Johnson

Gundrun Johnston

Kristen Kapur

Alexandra Keely

Heather Kinne

Cindy Kilgore

Karen Koch

Maria R Kovacs

Mary Ellen Kranz

Rose Laliberte

Suzanne Larson

Terri Lipman

Laney Lloyd

Anna Low

Kimberli MacKay

Marcia Markwardt

Ellen Mason

Maryly Matthewman

Roberta McClellan

Tracy McCorkle

Kellie McKenzie

Cynthia McGuirl

Josette McWilliams

Karen Miller

Mary Jane Mucklestone

Elizabeth Green Musselman

Wayne Myers

Mabel Nevins-Allen

Maureen Newell

Bob Nichols
Amy Nichols

Kathy Norwood

Alison Olds
Jackie Ottino Graf

Vasile Bogdan Papuc

Susan Perrine

Pogo Pogorelc

Aloisia Pollock

Anastasia Popova

Gin  Randolph

Pam Rowan

Chris Savoy

Lori Schafer

Linda Scharf

Alice Seeger

Jennifer Shaw

Kim Sheehan

Steve Schreurs

Laurie Sims

Jude Spacks

Janice & Ken Spaulding

Consuelo Stacy

Linda Stearns

Susie Stephenson

Elizabeth Annie Stover

Colleen  Strickler

Gus Szabronski 

Kristen TenDyke

Christine Thornton

Ruth Ticknor

Judy Tollefson

Carolyn Ulrich

Al  Voss

Jerry Wax

Rose Whitehead

Linda Whiting

Jennifer Morrow Wilson

Leslie Wind

Deb Woolley

Gale Zucker

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